The List

This is my 2017 resolution, err goal. I have spent the greater of the last several years starting things and never finish them. I started the Hunger Games books well before the movie was an idea. I never finished reading the series. I have started The Walking Dead series and didn't finish the first volume. I can't even count off  the amount of games I have started and have not finished or bought and never started. Dammit that shit needs to stop.

2017 will be dedicated to seeing things through. Finishing them and feeling damn good about it. I feel if 2014-2016 I dedicated and created a healthy habit of eating right and exercising that gosh darn it I can actually be responsible enough to finish things. Anything and everything. I am getting a slightly early start on this. What better time to start than the present?

This page will be updated throughout the year of things I have started and when I have finished them. To hold myself accountable. So good luck to me. I hope this is a HUGE list by the end of the year. 


Playstation 4

  • Heavy Rain; Jan 4th



  • The Mortal Instruments Series
    • City of Bones; Jan 25th