The 11th Year....

What can a mother say for every passing birthday?

  • That you have made me a better person, mother, human being with each passing day.
  • That you are the constant proof that my love is infinitely growing with every second and breath you take.
  • That you make me proud with every step and milestone that you have seen and overcome.
  • That you never cease to amaze me for every moment I didn't think you could surprise me even more.
  • That carrying and raising you will always be my greatest achievement.
  • That somehow I still have hair on my head for every moment you make me want to rip my hair out.
  • That I can no longer keep count the amount of gray hairs you have given me for every moment you have scared the shit out of me for your hair brain ideas and stress you don’t deliberately give.
  • That every year as I grow sad to the day you may inevitably move out I also become less nervous that you are growing up to be the adult I can trust to make the right decisions.
  • That I never thought I could love you more now than the first time I heard your heart beat and saw your alien head in your ultrasound.

There are a million and one things I can and will continue to say for every year I have with you on this physical plain. However, the one that sums it all up is I love you.

Three small words that holds such a vast meaning, it just doesn't seem like that’s enough. 

When my life is down in the dumps or I’m floating on cloud nine you have always been my constant; the one part of my life that I will forever be able to count on. You have watched me cry, seen me rejoice and been a part of every important step in my adulthood. From this you have loved me unconditionally. You may not have understood the trials that I have been through for us, but you have made sure to make me laugh even when you don’t understand why I’m down. You have reminded me to not give up when I feel like it’s a never ending uphill battle. You have celebrated with me when I have conquered what I thought was an un-winnable situation. 

It’s moment like that where I know I must be doing something right, that I am raising you to be an amazing man. Where my only worry is that you one day you will hopefully find someone that sees how great of human being you are. 

I have no guideline where your 11th year may take you, us. But wherever it may be I’m proud to be your mother, be by your side and watch you grow. 

Happy Birthday Spawn. 

I love you.